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About Nomadic Ceramic

Hi, my name is Grace Alley and I am the maker behind Nomadic Ceramic. Originally from Colorado, I now live in the Pacific North West. I received a degree in Anthropology from Colorado State University. I love to travel as often as possible. I currently have a 9-5 and make pottery as a hobby. 

To fully understand how we can live in symbiosis with our environment, we need to adopt an understanding of all phases of human societies and cultures.


Humans have been using clay for tens of thousands of years for anything from cooking vessels to sculpture. Clay working is important to me because it is a link to the past. 

In recent news.....

Nomadic Ceramic is happy to announce partnership with Denyigba LorLor Foundation based in Ghana. 

A story eleven years in the making, Grace originally met Safo Kutorwu in Ghana when she went for a six month volunteer-ship in 2012. 

Safo has since established his Non-Governmental Organization which focuses on forest regeneration and educating children on the importance of our environment. 

The organization is named Denyigba LorLor which means "homeland". 
Each tree is started from a seed in a recycled water sachet bag, nursed for 6 months and then planted in the ground. After planting, the trees are watched over by local partners for 2 years to make sure they grow up strong. 

To donate to this amazing and impactful cause please see the shop and buy a tree to be planted in your name! 
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